Genomic Landscapes and Hi-Resolution HER2 Testing by Array CGH

Over the past decade array CGH technology has been increasingly used to survey the terrain of human cancer. The peaks and valleys of the tumor genome harbor amplifications and deletions of specific genes representing biomarkers for targeted anti-cancer therapies such as trastuzumab and crizotinib.

  • Obtaining a Genomic Landscape view of a patient’s tumor genome ensures no targetable gene amplifications or deletions are missed by the single gene testing commonly performed in clinical laboratories.

 Geonomic Landscapes image 4-3-17

In addition, Genomic Landscape testing produces high-resolution views of 71 cancer-associated genes including the HER2 gene on chromosome 17. Hi-Res HER2 testing results can be reported separately or accompanied by the Genome Landscape view.  HER2 gene status should be evaluated in a growing number of cancers including breast, gastroesophageal adenocarcinomas (GEA), colorectal, and salivary.


PacificDx is the only clinical laboratory in the US offering Genomic Landscape views as a tech only assay with reports customized to our client’s specifications.


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