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Seamlessly Integrated

  • PacificDx can allow your laboratory to offer a broad range of molecular testing without having to purchase expensive equipment and validate high-complexity assays.
  • In partnership with PacificDx your laboratory can provide outstanding service to ordering physicians with molecular test results seamlessly integrated into your daily laboratory workflow and reporting templates.
  • PacificDx can perform all or parts of the end-to- end testing solutions you provide your clients.
    • For example, if your pathology laboratory performs in-house Lynch Testing by IHC for newly diagnosed colorectal cancer and prefersto outsource reflex DNA-based testing for MSI+ cases, we canprovide this service so all results can be seamlessly reported in acomprehensive and customized report from your laboratory.
  • PacificDx specializes in performing outsourced tests for pathology laboratories and we have no sales force to compete for your clients.
    • Think of us as your high-complexity laboratory. We are here when you need us to run the tests that will keep your laboratory competitive in the molecular diagnostics testing market.