DEPArray HER2 testing

DEPArray HER2 Testing

DEPArray HER2 Testing is an assay performed on tumor cells isolated from FFPE scrolls of 40 micron thickness. This novel HER2 assay separates tumor cells from stromal cells using the DEP cage technology on either the V2 or NXT version of DEPArray. Tumor cell isolation allows better resolution of the tumor’s true HER2 status and resolves tissue heterogeneity dilution of the tumor’s HER2 gene copy number when stromal cells are included in the calculation. Tumor and stromal cells are differentiated using secondary antibodies as the sample is dissociated and stained prior to being processed on the DEPArray. Single cell resolution also solves the issue of truncation artifacts and cell selection bias with traditional FFPE tissue FISH. Scoring is in line with CAP/ ASCO guidelines for both percent positive and number of amplified gene copies per cell.

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DEPArray HER2 Testing

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