We are the Expert Providers of High-Complexity Testing offering a full array of NGS, CGH, PCR, IHC, and FISH services


Drawing from innovative molecular testing developed in the ResearchDx Laboratory, PacificDx was established by Philip Cotter and Mathew Moore for the integration of advanced molecular testing into routine clinical diagnostics.

You can confidently outsource testing to our CAP/CLIA certified clinical laboratory in Irvine CA for test menu expansion without having to develop complex end-to-end testing solution in-house.

The founders of PacificDx have extensive experience managing high complexity testing diagnostic laboratories. We understand how important it is to seamlessly integrate outsourced testing into the sending laboratory’s workflow. Our experienced staff provides support from sample acquisition through the reporting process so that results are delivered to the client within an industry-leading turn around time.




Seamlessly Integrated

Outsourced test results from PacificDx can be seamlessly integrated into your laboratory operations.

Phone Support

Our experienced directors and laboratory staff are on call to provide phone support whenever needed.

Customized Reports

Reports can be designed based on your laboratory’s requirements and templates with electronic delivery of results.